Periscope Community,

Today, we’re sharing that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Periscope as a separate mobile app by March 2021.

First off, we want to be transparent about why we’re making this decision, especially to those of you who are active and passionate users of Periscope today. The truth is that the Periscope app is in an unsustainable maintenance-mode state, and has been for a while. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen declining usage and know that the cost to support the app will only continue to go up over time. Leaving it in its…

At Periscope, we value our community’s feedback to make our service better. Periscope is a place for instant engagement and we’ve heard your concerns about spammy accounts and chats. To keep everyone safe and to ensure you can have confidence in the engagement and metrics you see on Periscope, we have updated our policies and made improvements to how we enforce our rules.

Today, we think of spam as any “bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that attempts to manipulate or disrupt Periscope or the experience of users on Periscope.” You can learn more about how we define spam here. …

Our broadcasters don’t just show you the world, they bring it to life by hosting a conversation with an active audience. But sometimes comments don’t say enough and hearts get lost in the background. Sometimes, you just want to say what you’re thinking.

Starting today, you can go live with guests, and invite anyone in your audience to join your broadcast. Your chosen guests can be heard by everyone and can drop off at any time. …

Today, we’re releasing a trio of tools on iOS and Android to make your replays more awesome:

  1. Pick a thumbnail: Select a thumbnail that shows off the best part of your broadcast.

Conversation is at the heart of Periscope. We’ve always believed in the power of live video to bring people together to share an experience. But, sometimes people take advantage of the real-time, open nature of Periscope and send comments that detract from everyone else’s conversation. We’re committed to ensuring conversation on Periscope is healthy, and are rolling out an update that allows broadcasters to select moderators for the comments in their broadcasts.

Now, before you go live, you can assign chat moderators, who can help keep an eye on the comments in your broadcast and mute people on your behalf…

At Twitter, #HackWeek is a time when the company comes together to dream, design, and build new ways to make Twitter better. #HackWeek gives our team the time and space to imagine what might be, to find solutions for problems, and to practice innovation through experimentation.

Broadcasting with audio only in Periscope is something the community has been asking for, and have been doing already by covering the camera lens. Sometimes people are not comfortable being on camera, but they still want to broadcast and interact with others via Periscope’s powerful chatroom feature. It was requested that we build this…

Chatting on live video should be a safe experience both for broadcasters and viewers, so that everyone is empowered to join the conversation without fear of abuse. The Periscope Community Guidelines apply to all broadcasts on both Periscope and Twitter. As part of our ongoing effort to build a safer service, we are launching more aggressive enforcement of our guidelines related to chats sent during live broadcasts.

Our community can report and vote on chats they consider to be abusive, and group moderation determines if someone can continue chatting. Starting on August 10, we will also review and suspend accounts…

To help us celebrate our third birthday, we’ve asked three VIP broadcasters to share their tips and tricks on three key topics.

Today, we’re getting down to business and talking about monetization. Want to learn more about Super Hearts? See our post here. Want to learn how three Super Broadcasters maximize their monthly earnings? See below!


Q: Your broadcasts feature everything from yoga practice to special guests. How do you decide what to share with your audience — and how does your content affect your Super Hearts earnings?

A: I am so grateful Periscope launched the Super Broadcasters Program! I…

To help us celebrate our third birthday, we’ve asked three VIP broadcasters to share their tips and tricks on three key topics.

Going live can be as easy as pulling out your phone, but some broadcasters take things to the next level. Today, we’re talking about broadcaster tools.


Q: Your virtual parties have to be seen to be believed! What tools do you use to bring your universe to Periscope?

A: I love virtual parties, and I’m trying to make the experience of sharing a broadcast even more personal. By using our faithful Periscope Producer, alongside 3rd party software like…

To help us celebrate our third birthday, we’ve asked three VIP broadcasters to share their tips and tricks about three key topics.

We’re kicking off this series with a post about communities — which are at the very heart of Periscope. Stay tuned for Q&As about broadcaster tools and monetization!


Q: You curate the #OwnVoices community channel, which highlights Black history, innovation, culture, and more. How do you build community around common themes and interests?

A: I started meet-ups on July 15, 2016, to meet new people who shared my passions for Black History and Periscope, when I moved from…


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