3x3: Monetization

3 min readMay 14, 2018

To help us celebrate our third birthday, we’ve asked three VIP broadcasters to share their tips and tricks on three key topics.

Today, we’re getting down to business and talking about monetization. Want to learn more about Super Hearts? See our post here. Want to learn how three Super Broadcasters maximize their monthly earnings? See below!


Q: Your broadcasts feature everything from yoga practice to special guests. How do you decide what to share with your audience — and how does your content affect your Super Hearts earnings?

A: I am so grateful Periscope launched the Super Broadcasters Program! I run different kinds of content on my channel — from teaching yoga, to cooking healthy foods, to split screen interviews with guests of all backgrounds. I find that my audience most appreciates content they can take part in. They don’t just want to watch me do something, they want to get involved. Super Hearts have been a really cool way for them to do that.


Q: You’ve been sharing your music on Periscope for three years! What sort of an effect have Super Hearts had, on your broadcasts and on your audience?

Photo: Dieter Bruning

A: I love broadcasting on Periscope, and Super Hearts have definitely been a really great addition to the platform. They have helped to encourage viewers to be even more supportive! I find that when viewers see others being generous, the generosity spreads. Not only do I love to receive Super Hearts but I love to give them as well! It’s another great way to spread the love on Periscope!


Q: You are a woman on a mission: to help people become more confident in their daily lives. How do Super Hearts fit into your message?

A: One person has a message, and the world watches. That’s the power of Periscope. My intention of using this app was to share my story of going from being suicidal, to becoming confident and living my dreams. To let people know that they could do the same. When Periscope introduced Super Hearts, I was able to focus on starting my own business. This means that my message is reaching even more people, and I now can travel across the world and meet content creators who have a similar mission to mine.

This series, celebrating our third birthday, also includes Q&As on community building and broadcaster tools.




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