A New Periscope.tv

2 min readSep 29, 2016

Dear Periscope Community,

On Periscope, live video brings instant content from around the world. From breaking news and protests to sports and politics, our community shares their perspectives and brings the world along with them. Today, we’re introducing a new way to discover live video on Periscope.tv, where curated broadcast channels shine and it’s easier than ever to search for live videos.

Through curated channels, we highlight interesting topics, ideas, and events that spur multiple perspectives from our community. Channels are categorized according to the conversation that surrounds them, ranging from breaking or developing events to ongoing, enduring topics.

  • Channels driven by Hashtags, such as #Food, #Comedy, #Art and #Music, are updated in real-time as someone in the community goes live.
  • Featured channels, such as the Presidential Debates, NFL: Road to Super Bowl 51, New York Fashion Week, UN General Assembly and Pride, are planned moments in time that merit a dedicated resource to surface timely and relevant live video to that event or topic.
  • We’ll also continue to highlight breaking news events, such as the Charlotte Protests, the coup in Turkey and #NoBillNoBreak, in standalone, featured channels. These channels will curate relevant, timely broadcasts from our community to help tell that story as it unfolds.

We realize that channels may not always represent the full spectrum of live content on a specific topic, but we hope that you’ll find diverse perspectives by exploring the content in each channel. Through this, you may even be inspired to follow new broadcasters and topics, further broadening your experience on the platform. If what’s shown in Periscope channels isn’t what you were looking for, you can also explore what the world is seeing by searching with keywords on Periscope.tv.

While we work to bring select content forward through channels, we’re not the only curators of live video on Periscope. Continue to share broadcasts from people you follow on Periscope and Twitter with us @Periscopetv so that you can help shape what’s shown on Periscope with us.

Much love,
Team Periscope

P.S. Here’s our broadcast on the new web experience:




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