Introducing Timestamps

2 min readMar 29, 2018

Today we’re launching Timestamps, a new way to share the best parts of your broadcasts on Periscope and Twitter.

Now, when you’re watching a broadcast, you have control to choose the exact part you want to share with your audience. The broadcast will start to play at the part you selected, so you can show people what you’re talking about and discuss what matters to you right away.

  • Live Broadcasts: when you’re watching what’s happening live, tap “share” and scrub back to the exact part of the broadcast you want everyone to watch. From there, share it to your followers on Periscope, Twitter, or as a link. If you’re broadcasting, your audience can share your broadcast every time something important happens, rather than just once when it begins. Every time you play a new song, demo a new recipe, or change the conversation topic is an opportunity to get your audience sharing and talking about what’s happening.
  • Replay Broadcasts: Broadcasters and viewers can share the best parts of a replay on Periscope and Twitter, so everyone can catch up on what matters most. Was the most memorable part when you reached the mountaintop and showed off the incredible view, or was something important said 40 minutes into your broadcast? With Timestamps, you can share the exact part of your replay you want your audience to see.

Read more about this update on the Twitter blog, and learn how to use Timestamps on Periscope in our Help Center.

We can’t wait to watch what you Timestamp!
— Team Periscope




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