Updating our Spam Policy

At Periscope, we value our community’s feedback to make our service better. Periscope is a place for instant engagement and we’ve heard your concerns about spammy accounts and chats. To keep everyone safe and to ensure you can have confidence in the engagement and metrics you see on Periscope, we have updated our policies and made improvements to how we enforce our rules.

Today, we think of spam as any “bulk, aggressive, or deceptive activity that attempts to manipulate or disrupt Periscope or the experience of users on Periscope.” You can learn more about how we define spam here. We want to make sure this is clear as you may see an increase in enforcement actions taken on the platform — even actions taken on accounts that may be high profile.

This change also means that starting today, fake engagements are prohibited on Periscope. Any artificial hearts, chats, followers and views violate our spam rules, and so will selling or promoting fake engagement. We’re also focusing on proactive enforcement to help make chat quality better, and will soon launch account-level spam reporting options to let you report spammy behavior more easily.

Whether you’re broadcasting or catching up with your favorite broadcaster, we are always looking for ways to make Periscope feel safer and more authentic for our community. We will continue working to build the best experience for the people who come to Periscope every day — let us know what you think!

– Periscope

Explore the world in real time through someone else's eyes

Explore the world in real time through someone else's eyes